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Mission Solvers Games For Kids - at your chosen location

(within NYC and the tri-state area)

available for birthday parties, after-school programs, and special events.


Looking for a unique idea for a birthday party or special event?

Let Mission Solvers bring the games to you!

You can play our games in the comfort of your home or chosen location. 

Is your school/camp interested in an after-school program or special activity?

Mission Solvers is a great choice as a school/camp event. 

Don't know what to do on a rainy day or for a playdate?

Invite Mission Solvers to come and provide entertainment for you and your friends.

It's a great way to spend time together. 

Our Games

Code Breaker - Alan Turing, said to be the father of Artificial Intelligence, and a codebreaker who helped break German Enigma codes during WWII. Like him, you need to be able to crack a series of puzzles and codes to see if you are a Codebreaker.  Have fun using cipher wheels, morse code and other puzzles to be able to solve this mission. ​

For Ages 9-13

Spy Kids - A double agent has infiltrated a group of mobsters and is leaving clues to help you figure out who was involved in a recent robbery and where to find the stolen Gems. Newspaper articles, audio tapes, and puzzles help lead you in the right direction.

For Ages 8-13

Murder MysteryGhosts of the Past - The ghost of Uncle Bill is leaving you clues to find out what really happened when he got sick and passed away. Reading old diary pages, interpreting hidden messages, and analyzing fingerprints might help you find out the truth after all. 

For Ages 8-13

Treasure Island - You are on an expedition to try and find buried treasure on a secluded island. Others have attempted this journey before you, but without success. You have an old journal with clues, along with compasses, binoculars and other tools to help you find the treasure. 

For Ages 7-10

Fashion Fiasco - With just an hour before the start of your first fashion show, you have lost the Iconic Necklace, set to debut on the runway. You and your assistants must use clues left behind in order to locate the necklace in time. Fashion magazines, accessories, and other inventory might be all you need to find the necklace before the start of the show.

For Ages 8-12

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