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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mission Solvers different than other escape rooms?

Unlike other popular escape rooms, our games are geared towards children ages 8-14. With more written clues (many of which use rhymes and riddles), less complex challenges, and kid-friendly themes, children are able to solve the puzzles, manipulate objects, and open locks.


How are your Mission Solvers games at your locations different from Mission Solvers games at my home or chosen location?

At our locations, we currently have two games available for play, School of Magic and Outbreak. Both games are for 2-8 players, ages 8-14. These games each last up to 45 minutes. If you don't book a private room, there is a chance you will be playing with people from other groups. For events at your home or chosen location, we offer a variety of Mission Solvers games (see Our Games section for more details). When we come to your home, only your guests participate. We can include as many players as fit comfortably in your space. For birthday parties or special events, we can customize parts of the game for the guest of honor. Our birthday parties also include goody bags. 



What ages are appropriate for your games?

We have designed our games for children ages 8-14. There is a level of reading necessary in order to play the game, as well as the ability to work cooperatively with others. If your child is a little younger, but you feel they would be able to understand and fully participate in playing the game, feel free to bring them.



Does my child need any specific skills in order to be successful in solving the Mission?

Participants should be able to read fluently in order to decipher any written clues and puzzles. No other particular skills are necessary, as long as they are able to work well with others and have fun!



Are players alone inside the room while playing the game?

We have a Mission Solvers Game Master inside the room with the players at all times, both to be a supervisor and help them to solve the Mission, if necessary. 


Will my child be with other children they might not know while in the room?

At our locations, our games are for 2-8 participants at a time. Depending on how many players are in your group, there is the possibility to have others playing with you at the same time. If you prefer to be the only group inside for your game, you have the option to book the entire room at checkout. For games played at your chosen location, you can have as many players as fit comfortably in the space. 



Do we have to purchase tickets for the whole room at the apple seeds location?

You are not required to buy all of the tickets available for a room in order to play. You can purchase as many or as little tickets as you like. However, please note, that should you not book a private game, your group could be added into a game with others who bought tickets for that game at the same time.



Are players locked inside the room?

Unlike other escape rooms,  our kid-friendly games do not have players locked inside a room. Instead, participants need to solve their Mission, which does not require being locked inside.


How long are the Mission Solvers games?

Participants are given 45 minutes to solve the Mission. Of course, some players might be able to complete the game in less time.


Can my child be dropped off for the game?

Children are expected to go into the room unaccompanied, however, parents are welcome to come in to observe or join in the game. A Mission Solvers Game Master will be supervising the game at all times.




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