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About Us

Mission Solvers was co-founded by two New York City moms who were on a “mission” to entertain their children in ways that didn’t involve electronics, engaged them intellectually, and provided an opportunity for them to work as a team with other kids. Since currently available escape rooms are not designed for younger children to play the games on their own, these moms decided to create Mission Solvers, escape the room just for kids.


Mission Solvers games appeal to all types of children. With a variety of puzzles that involve listening skills, hands-on applications, and critical thinking, every child can be engaged and have fun! Our kids’ escape room games have players completing puzzles, solving riddles, and finding hidden objects to solve the Mission. Most importantly, they learn to cooperate and work as a team. Our Game Masters are inside the room with the players to both supervise and ensure that each child is fully engaged in the game.

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