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 Mission Solvers - Escape Room For Kids - at our  location

(10 West 25th Street, inside apple seeds)

Play our kids-only Mission Solvers games, School of Magic and Outbreak, at our NYC location.

At our location, you can book a private room to play our escape games as a family,

celebrate a birthday, or share a special day with friends.

You can also purchase individual tickets for 2-8 players. 


Can You Solve The Mission?


School of Magic


Welcome to the Elite School of Magic. You are hours away from graduating and becoming magicians when your rivals at the School of Witchcraft steal your magic book of spells. If you do not find the book in time, you will remain students and be trapped in school forever.  Can you find the magic book of spells within 45 minutes and graduate in time?

For Ages 8-14


There has been a virus outbreak in NYC. An evil scientist is conducting experiments to create an antidote that he intends to use only for himself. You are Outbreak response team and you have 45 minutes to find the antidote and save your entire city.

For Ages 8-14





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      10 W25th Street New York, NY            646.902.1258 
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